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Hotmail is Microsoft's emailing service. Its link to an instant messaging service has been the secret of its rise to the top in terms of number of clients.

With Windows Live Hotmail when creating an email account, you gain access to a service that with its updated style features has become very attractive and easy to use for the most novice user.

Users receive storage capacity starting at 1 GB, but this increases according to how much use is being made of the service, so in other words space is not an issue. Currently, the vast majority of Hotmail clients have 5GB of storage space.

When composing emails, users have the benefit of a text editor giving a choice of font styles, font sizes, alignment options, hyperlinks, numbering, insertion of emoticons... as well as being able to attach files up to 10MB in size.

The range of folders available (inbox, unread, sent, deleted and junk) can be viewed on an interface conveniently divided up into zones. There is a list of folders on the left and on the right an preview of each email as it arrives.

Finally, for those who love customizing, the interface can be personalized by simply clicking on any one of a range of styles.
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